Focus on snack food for kids

Source : Golden Commercial Time : 2019 年 7 月 30 日

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The variety of snacks presented to kids leads to increased food consumption, more so than container or package size, a study out of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute suggests.
Many researches show that greater variety and quantity leads to overeating. To curb this phenomenon, more attention and resources should be directed to toward offering children smaller amounts of food and, specifically, fewer and less variety of energy-dense foods and pre-packaged items.
With the social and economic development, consumers put forward higher requirements for food, especially the food for kids. Parents always pay much more attention on food for kids, snack food, certainly, is one of their main focuses. In order to satisfy the market demand and win their market share, producers and manufacturers in food industry are trying their best to win the target market by modernizing more healthier food. Meanwhile, to get more exposure is also a concern for food industry players and professional exhibitions are undoubtedly their main choices .

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