Beneficial policies facilitate a high-quality business environment

Source : Golden Commercial Time : 2019 年 8 月 16 日

Consumption upgrade helps explore the Chinese market for import goods

Driven by the trend of consumption upgrading, people’s demand for high-quality consumer goods is increasing and the market for import goods is also expanding.

Let’s take Qingdao for example. Its consumption has  shown many changes: urban development shaping a new consumption platform; new business form meeting the diversified needs of consumers; new consumption momentum emerging, and the contribution rate of consumption to GDP continues to increase.

With the rising demand for high-quality imported consumer goods, the import scale of foreign safe and high-quality goods has increased significantly , such as beef and mutton, dairy products and alcohol, etc., Business giants in Qingdao have been seizing this new trend and created a new commercial system of cross-border integration of trade circulation and foreign trade. Liqun, Weekly, The Mix, MYKAL and other large supermarkets in Qingdao, have set up direct sales areas of “three products” (same line, same standard, same quality) for foreign goods and foreign trade export enterprises, and even established Specialized foreign trade goods direct supermarkets.

Qingdao cross-border e-commerce “buy globally”

As the main force in the import consumer goods industry chain, cross-border e-commerce plays an important role. Relying on strong internet technology, Qingdao cross-border e-commerce is seizing the new opportunities brought by network consumption, is achieving “buy globally.”

The reduction of tariffs on consumer goods has lowered the price of products, which has had a direct impact on the popularity of some high-end imported goods. Customs clearance facilitates the convenience of commodity circulation, providing strong support for the import goods.

Led by the beneficial policies, not only in Qingdao, but the Chinese market as a whole is booming for overseas food & beverage firms. Under this context, as a professional exhibition organizer with years of experience in organizing food shows, Golden Commercial Group will continue to hold GOLDENFOOD EXPO, in May 7-9, 2020 in Shanghai. The show is expected to attract 3000 exhibitors from more then 40 countries and regions, which is another window for overseas food to get their Chinese fans.