Tea Industry

China (Shanghai) International Tea Fair 2023
Time:June. 05-07, 2023
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hongqiao • Shanghai

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About CITF CHINA 2023

As an important platform and professional procurement event for tea industry in China to expand tea market, establish tea brand, promote tea products and prosper tea economy – China (Shanghai) International Tea Fair(CITF) takes “Focus on tea trade and deal”as its theme,it takes advantage of Shanghai-an international metropolis, adjacent to many famous tea producing areas, focusing on national famous tea, radiating major tea production areas and consumer markets to create a tea procurement event in Shanghai through exhibitions, forums, events, competitions and cultural exchanges.The exhibits cover the whole industry chain of the tea industry, including six categories with red, green, yellow, black, white and oolong teas, and products including tea drinks, tea clothes, tea sets, tea food, tea packaging, tea machinery and other supporting equipment and related industry products and services,at the same time, which concentrates on superior products at home and abroad,convergence of upstream and downstream industries.During the exhibition,Tea merchants from all over the country and overseas will gather at the bank of the Huangpu River to display tea products, learn tea, share tea platforms, and create a prosperous Shanghai tea market.We hope that this exhibition will help tea companies from all over the world and country to develop trade, strengthen cooperation, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, open up new channels, and explore new models to promote the common prosperity of the world economy and China’s tea trade.

Major Exhibits

•Tea enterprises: domestic and foreign tea enterprises (including dark tea, black tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, green tea,
flower and fruit tea, etc.),tea distribution agents, tea chain management companies, tea import and export companies, etc.
•Tea set enterprises: ceramics, tea boiler, tea makers, metal, bamboo and other attached tea sets, etc.
•Tea water: special water for tea ceremony, mineral water, purified water, bottled water, direct drinking water, bottled water
customization and water purification equipment, etc.
•Tea deep processing and food enterprises: tea drinks, adjustable tea, tea, tea health food, tea extract, coffee, red wine, etc.
•Tea packaging and machinery: tea cans, tea gift boxes, tea cartons, glassware and other packaging products; tea pickers,
tea garden tillers, color sorters, tea can machines, tea fresh-keeping machines, tea dryers , tea dehumidifier, tea metal
detector, etc.
•Purple clay art category: purple clay tea set, purple sand sculpture furnishings, purple clay stationery, etc.
•Classical furniture and others: antique furniture, root carving, tea clothes, tea seats, incense lore , etc.
•Tea-related industries: tea tourism and tea culture and art exchange, teahouse franchise and tea store, tea space design, tea
clothes , tea water, tea media and publications, etc.

Target Audience
•Relevant government agencies, agricultural committees, associations, societies, Chambers of Commerce, institutions,
research institutes, quality inspection agencies, etc.
•National embassies in Shanghai, international tea organizations, non-producer purchasers, import and export traders,
professional marketing agencies, etc.
•Channel sales, agent sales with terminal consumption, professional distribution centers and network marketers;
•Professional tea market, wholesale market, business households, tea specialty stores, tea houses, tea houses, clubs,
hotels, bars, etc.
•Intentional investors, gift welfare purchasers, tea practitioners, collectors, literati and CEOs;
•Real estate, finance, securities, banking, futures, institutions, 4S stores, large and medium-sized enterprises and Property
Management Personnel , etc.
•E-commerce platforms, news magazines, new media and related institutions , etc.