• 1. Government’s Support and Guide, Publicizing and Implementation of Latest Policy and Regulations

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – International Import & Export Food Policy, Laws & Regulations Exchange Meeting (IFPS) is one of the thematic events of GOLDENFOOD, which focuses on the analysis of such food import and export laws and regulations, quality and safety control and export policies towards China as meat, aquatic products, dairy products, fruits and vegetables around the world. It also provides a green channel and cooperation platform for related overseas organizations and enterprises to enter China market and expand Chinese market share. The International Wine Product Label Management, Customs Clearance and Safety Supervision Summit Forum is also an important event in the imported alcohol industry in China after the institutional reform. The meeting specially invites representatives of customs supervision department to interpret the new policy of import pre-packaged food labeling and label compliance, pre-arbitration policy, and imported liquor safety supervision practice, as well as the common problems of import food customs declaration and the development of cross-border e-commerce business of imported food. Present at the meeting are representatives of General Administration of Customs, the General Administration of Market Supervision and the direct customs leaders, national embassies (consulates), industry organizations and enterprise representatives.
  • 2. Focusing on imported food consumption,providing green channels

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Import and Export Food & Beverage Exhibition (FBIE) is a significant exhibition in Asia that should not be missed for imported food & beverage industry. It has been successfully held in Shanghai for many years with accumulative over 100,000 square meters show space , which attracted thousands of outstanding imported food & beverage suppliers from more than 40 countries and millions of professional buyers from home and abroad. FBIE provides not only a green channel for global Import and Export food & beverage enterprises to enter the China market with more than 500 million potential customers, but also a platform for participants to communicate and learn from each other, have commecial negotiations, develop business and enhance brand image.
  • 3. Focusing on the development of dairy industry and building a display platform

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Dairy Products, Ice Cream and Processing Technical Equipment Exhibition (DFE) is a professional exhibition of dairy industry, which is established to meet the demand of Chinese consumers for high-quality milk and dairy products. More than 20 countries have obtained Health Certificate for Dairy Products Eexport to China, including Infant formula dairy products. That exhibition builds a platform of promotion, display and cooperation for global dairy enterprises in the China market, and bring tens of thousands of representatives and professional buyers of dairy products from all over the world together. During the exhibition, International Dairy Industry Summit also attracts the attention and participation of many industry organizations and professionals. It focuses on the current situation of China’s imported dairy products, future development trend, China’s regulations and standards on imported dairy products and requirements of import health quarantine, Chinese food safety law, other relevant laws and regulations on the requirements and supervision of infant formula, especially the OEM production of infant formula, China’s registration system and procedures for overseas producers of imported dairy products and interpretation of brand registration, Changes in China’s food labelling regulatory requirements and case study of imported dairy products label, Comparison of Chinese and foreign dairy testing technologies, health quarantine requirements for imported dairy products (especially infant formula and cheese products) at ports, case analysis of problems in imported dairy products etc..
  • 4. Expanding the wine consumption market and building a trading platform.

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Wine & Spirits Exhibition (Super Wine) is one of the four major imported wine exhibitions in China, which has been strongly supported by CHINA ENTRY-EXIT INSPECTION AND QUARANTINE ASSOCIATION,CIQA, Shanghai Wine Monopoly Bureau, Shanghai Association For Liquor and Sprits Circulation, Shanghai Drinks Association, Shanghai Import Food Enterprise Association, IFSP, Comité Champagne (CVIC), COGNAC, Mexico Tequila Association, Hong Kong Wine Merchants’ Chamber of Commerce, many Embassies and Consulates. domestic and overseas GOVs and related industry organizations. Meanwhile, the fair also attracts the attention from international organizations of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Chile, South Africa, United States, Argentina, Portugal and Australia that participate in the event as National pavilions. More and more international industry associations expect to bring more high quality wine & spirits to China market with the help of that display window and trade platform of Shanghai in order to strive for larger market shares and meet huge consumer’s demands.
  • 5.Accurate and Effective Docking, Promoting Brands Development

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Nutrition Healthcare Food and Special Medical Food Exhibition(SNHE)is a specialized trade and experiential interactive platform for nutritious food industry in China. The exhibits cover more than 10 professional fields such as health foods, health foods, functional foods, nutritional supplements, and special medical formulas. SNHE brings together thousands of healthy nutrition products, and attracts tens of thousands of agents, distributors, chain pharmacies, e-commerce, supermarkets and end users to visit and purchase. SNHE is a commercial channel integrating exhibitions, summit salons, interactive experiences and trade docking. Through high-end novel product display, innovative and unique interactive experience, professional frontier information sharing, accurate and effective business docking, it helps domestic and foreign brands deepen China’s commercial channels, seize business opportunities, and win the future together.
  • 6.Promoting the development of the on board catering, achieving win-win cooperation

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – China International Aviation, Cruise, Railway Food and Beverage Exhibition (CTCE) is the only professional procurement event in the field of tourism catering services in Asia, which attracts nearly 1,000 major catering services companies (serving aviation, cruise, train, military, learning, factory, hotel etc.) and tourism catering suppliers from home and abroad, and tens of thousands of global professional buyers. During the exhibition, travel catering service companies succeed in collecting samples and information by means of the Suppliers and Buyers Meeting where one-to-one and face-to-face communication is available. Besides, there are International Aviation Travel Food Chef Culinary Championships, Travel Catering Buyer Meeting and other activities as well. The International Aviation Travel Food Chef Culinary Championships is a platform for excellent chefs of in-flight meals field to compete, which helps to improve the quality of in-flight meals, promte the development of tourism food, and increase satisfaction of passengers through the innovative exchanges among chefs. The exhibition aims to build a platform for both supply and demand sides of the tourism and catering service sector to enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and promote win-win cooperation between supply and demand sides by face-to-face communication.
  • 7.7.Integrating Baking Field Resources, Leading the Industry Development

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Bakery Exhibition (CBE) is an integrated professional exhibition for products display, purchasing and trade matching in the field of Chinese bakery products, with such five advantages of baking industry as market economy, location, brand effect and well-equipped exhibition center. CBE is composed of four parts: baked food, baking raw materials, cake cream and baking equipment. It provides a face-to-face trading opportunity throuhgh special purchasing meetings of shopping malls, bakery matchmaking meetings and exchanges for various dealers, agents, member companies of associations from many provinces and cities. CBE has become a barometer and booster in the baked food industry in East China with great effort of cultivation. Guided by market development, based in Shanghai, facing domestic and international markets, CBE maks full use of advantages of the Yangtze River Delta region and economic development and integratinges the Yangtze River Delta and Belt and Road Initiative opportunity to provide global baking enterprises with the development platform of products trade, technical exchange and information expansion.
  • 8.Focusing on the Catering Industry Chain, Advocating the Catering Industry

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – China Catering Expo (CIE) is the first exhibition that put forward the concept of catering industry since the founding of New China. It is an entire industrial chain event of catering and food industry, which is held on the basis of the development status of China’s catering industry and the necessity of the development of catering industrialization, and the goals of breaking the consumption habits of the traditional food industry and establishing the catering industry consumption market. With the theme of “focus on the future development of Chinese catering industry”, the exhibition integrates and penetrates the whole industry chain of catering industry and food through different exhibition categories. The categories of exhibits cover six major themes, including new food materials and condiments in catering, central kitchen and integration, food packaging technology and materials in catering, refrigeration and cold chain logistics, new retail and information management in catering and catering chain.Using the platform of the food fair to promote the development of China’s catering industry food, bringing new opportunities for the sustainable development of China’s catering industry, industrial transformation and upgrading, and adapt to new consumer demand.
  • 9.A Bite of China’s Hotpot,the world’s hot pot

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Hotpot Innovation Trade Fair (SHCE) is a professional procurement event in the highest specification hotpot field in China. The exhibition takes“China on the tip of the hotpot”as its theme and serves the whole hotpot industry chain through the blending and infiltration of different categories of exhibits. The exhibits covered six major sectors of the catering industry, including hotpot condiment and seasoning, hotpot special ingredients and products, frozen treated food and raw materials & indirect materials, hotpot related equipment and famous hotpot and catering chain franchise. Along with the exhibition, China Hotpot Industry Development Conference, World’s Sichuan Hotpot Banquet Competition, Sichuan Hotpot Chain Merchants Franchising Meeting and Excellent Suppliers Promotion establish a good communication platform for hotpot enterprises to correctly grasp the current consumption situation and development trend, enhance mutual understanding and friendship, and promote cooperation between suppliers and buyers to achieve win-win cooperation.
  • 10.Promoting the Development of the Chain Industry, Franchise Information Interaction

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – Shanghai International Catering Chain Franchise Exhibition (CFE) is an efficient docking window for the development and information interaction of franchise industry in China. It covers food and beverage synthesis, fast food snacks, tidal drinks & desserts, Western food & Japanese and Korean cuisine, Chinese dinner & large catering, food retail, new retail & modern service industry, education and training, and chain resources,the participating brands cover catering, retail, service, education and chain suppliers and service providers, more than 80 mainstream segments.The exhibition will bring together colleagues from all walks of life in the franchise industry at home and abroad to provide investors with a branded and integrated information resource quality business social platform.
  • 11.Displaying geographical indications and push product promotion

    Geographical indications are landmark products closely related to human and environmental factors. They make full use of the popularity and reputation of geographical indication products to develop regional characteristic economy, enhance product competitiveness and extravalue, expand market share, which provide a platform for building geographical indications,cultural propaganda, product promotion and display of featured agricultural development achievements. It is a professional stage for the promotion of geographical indication products, the display of characteristic agricultural development achievements, and the promotion of local cultural tourism resources for local governments and GIs at the local level. In recent years, overseas winery tourism has flourished, and the geographical indication product display area has brought great opportunities to agricultural products and wine producing areas to display their intact natural and cultural landscapes. Through the all-round docking of policy resources, media resources, channel resources, investment resources, service resources and information, we can realize the purpose of showing local tourism resources, local customs, promoting characteristic agricultural achievements, selling geographical indication products, and attracting investment from Chinese and foreign businessmen.
  • 12.Gather global fruits and vegetables, buy and sell globally

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – China-Shanghai International Fruit & Vegetable and Fresh food E-commerce Exhibition (SFVE) is an industry trade platform integrating trade exchange, brand display, industrial chain integration and technological innovation, and the most authoritative, international and professional fruit and vegetable industry and professional e-commerce industry event in China. The Major Exhibits are based on fruits and vegetables, covering the entire industry chain of the fruit and vegetable industry.During the exhibition, fruit and vegetable and fresh e-commerce professionals from all over the world, including domestic and foreign industry associations, top growers and suppliers, major fruit and vegetable producing countries and consulates and domestic and foreign quality buyers (covering supermarkets, wholesale markets, import and export,merchants, e-commerce, chain enterprises, catering enterprises, etc.) gathered together. The purpose of the exhibition is to help overseas manufacturers to understand the important channels of the Chinese market,besides,it also a entire industry chain docking platform of China’s fruit and vegetable domestic sales and exports.SFVE not only brings together the world’s first-hand sources of fruit and vegetables, but also a window for countries to publish official authoritative information.
  • 13.Carrying Forward the World Tea Culture, Expanding Trade Deals

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – China (Shanghai) International Tea Fair (CITF) is a tea industry event in China, which covers the whole industry chain of the tea industry, including six categories: red, green, yellow, black, white and oolong teas, and products such as tea drinks, tea clothes, tea sets, tea food, tea packaging, tea machinery and other supporting equipment etc.. CITF concentrates on superior products at home and abroad. It enjoys the advantages of the global economic status of Shanghai with unique Shanghai culture and the opportunity of the Belt & Road. It carries forward Chinese tea culture, expands tea trade transactions, promotes the development of the tea industry, and opens up new channels as well, which helps to carry out trade and strengthen cooperation with tea enterprises in various places for countries and promote the common prosperity of the world economy and China’s tea trade.
  • 14.Creating a “everyone is using foodie” activity, building a cuisine tour

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – FOODIE invites the real gourmet or cuisine lovers to join the exhibition. When tasting the food, participants experience not only different kinds of gourmets, but also food culture of the different countries. They enjoy a visual food tour by recording unique beauty of the food in pictures and videos. The food pictures of contest show not only participants’aesthetic, but also the highest level of food cultures in the world. Pictures enable participants to obtain a better understanding of local cuisine, which naturally drives the further improvement and sublimation of the food industry.
  • 15.Displaying New Retail Brand, Injecting New Marketing Power

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – The theme exhibition area of World market is a combination of functions of display, promotion, on-site experience, reservation, service management, which is following the new retail model of fresh supermarkets. It can make customers feel more at ease because of the on-site experience products. At the same time, it attracts customers with the help of exhibition where is a offline platform through various docking windows, and achieves the way of online and offline order to complete ordering and delivery. By opening up the platforms for online and offline and sharing the exhibition traffic, the exhibition will help our exhibitors and partners to look for a broader market , find more business opportunities, and join the big data and new retail wave with global food companies.
  • 16.Creating the International Food Culture Street, Promoting the world Cuisine culture.

    GOLDENFOOD Thematic Events – International Food Culture Street aims to show and promote the food and wine culture all around the world, deepen understanding and explore international cooperation opportunities. In order to increase the influence of exhibitors in China and advance the perfect combination of cooking technology and Chinese food culture in various countries, GOLDENFOOD is specialized in creating an exotic special exhibition area in the pavilion , which is gathering food and wine around the world. At the same time, it provides the most professional cooking equipment and utensils in the country, and the highest quality imported ingredients and imported creative tableware brought by exhibitors, so that famous chefs from all over the world can reveal their cooking capacity, and more cooking competition will be held on site. In the meantime it can bring exquisite foods with local characteristics to the audience, lead the audience to an unforgettable interactive food culture experience, and help visitors to learn more about local cuisine and perceiving local food and beverage culture, so as to promote the art of catering culture and find the elite of the chef industry to provide a platform for exchanges and display to promote the development and cooperation of the world’s food and wine culture.