May 7-9, 2020
National Exhibition and Convention Center -Hongqiao·Shanghai
About SNHE CHINA 2020
Geographical indications are landmark products closely related to human and environmental factors. They make full use of the popularity and reputation of geographical indication products to develop regional characteristic economy, enhance product competitiveness and extravalue, expand market share, which provide a platform for building geographical indications,cultural propaganda, product promotion and display of featured agricultural development achievements. It is a professional stage for the promotion of geographical indication products, the display of characteristic agricultural development achievements, and the promotion of local cultural tourism resources for local governments and GIs at the local level. In recent years, overseas winery tourism has flourished, and the geographical indication product display area has brought great opportunities to agricultural products and wine producing areas to display their intact natural and cultural landscapes. Through the all-round docking of policy resources, media resources, channel resources, investment resources, service resources and information, we can realize the purpose of showing local tourism resources, local customs, promoting characteristic agricultural achievements, selling geographical indication products, and attracting investment from Chinese and foreign businessmen.

Booth Booking

To reserve the booth of PEOP Exhibition 2020 immediately, admission is free for pre-registrants , as well as possess the VIP channel to avoid waiting in line and receive a Show Guide. If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact or call the below telephone number.