Hotpot Industry

China Hotpot Industry Development Conference 2023
Time: June 05-07, 2023
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hongqiao • Shanghai
About SHCE CHINA 2023
Shanghai International Hotpot Industry Exhibition (SHCE) was successfully held in the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai) from Oct. 20 to 22 2020, which is the highest-level professional procurement event in the hotpot industry in China, with about 50,000 square meters exhibition area, total 1166 booths and the participation of 766 hotpot franchise companies, hotpot supply chain companies and excellent suppliers in the food field from home and abroad, and 72,656 professional visitors. The three-day event has witnessed the remarkable achievements of exhibitors, which marks that SHCE has grown to a leading professional trade event in the hotpot field in China. The exhibition, themed “China on the tip of the hotpot”, brings together hotpot business throughout the whole chain by promoting the exchange and cooperation of major six sectors of the catering industry, including hotpot basic condiment and seasoning, hotpot special ingredients and products, frozen food and raw materials & indirect materials, relative hotpot equipment, famous hotpot brands and chain franchise. Along with the exhibition, there were China Hotpot Industry Development Conference,World’s Sichuan Hotpot Banquet Competition, Sichuan Hotpot Chain Merchants Franchising Meeting and Excellent Suppliers Promotion, which established an effective and efficient communication platform for hotpot enterprises to learn the current consumption situation and development trend.
Major Exhibits

•Hotpot condiment and seasoning: Hotpot condiment(dry pot / take-up food / mala Tang / beef and mutton fish bottom
material, etc.), dip, bean paste, oil and sesame sauce, sesame oil, chili oil, pepper oil, etc.;
•Hot pot special ingredients and products: beef and mutton, seafood, fish and meat products, meatballs, mushrooms,
hairy belly, venetian, yellow throat, duck goose intestines, duck blood, vermicelli noodles, vegetables, meatballs, hot pot
noodles, Bean products, etc.
•Frozen treated food: hotpot prepare food product, frozen meat of poultries product; frozen aquatic product, quick-frozen flour
and rice product,product wrapped in flour, cooked food products, fruit and vegetable product, barbecue (smudging) product.
•Raw materials&indirect materials: frozen food raw material, burdening,spices, food additives, etc.
•Hot pot drinks: alcoholic drinks (white wine, rice wine, beer, etc.), non-alcoholic drinks (herbal tea, carbonated drinks, etc.),
current drinks, ice cream desserts, etc.
•Hotpot related equipmen: induction cooker, dish-washing machine, food processing equipment, packaging equipment,
quick freezing equipment,hotpot processing related set equipment, Chinese and western kitchen equipment, stainless steel
cookers, frozen food cabinet and hotpot tablesand chairs, etc.
•Famous hotpot and catering chain franchise:hotpot chain enterprises, Chinese food chain enterprises, western food
chain enterprises, fast foodchain enterprises, ice product chain enterprises and service, cash, order system, supplementary
business such as clothing, condiment, kitchenware, restaurant decor.