GOLDENFOOD provides a unique opportunity for global food & wine suppliers to direct contact with target buyers in China, and establish business cooperation and increase sales. For food & wine suppliers who want to get in touch with Chinese buyers and establish long-term business relationship, participating in GOLDENFOOD is an effective way to open up the Chinese market and achieve its goals.


Major Exhibits

• Meat and meat products
• Seafood and aquatic products
• Canned food
• Condiment
• Edible oil and olive oil
• Snack foods and sweets
• Baked goods
• Milk and dairy products
• Coffee
• Tea
• Fashion drinks
• Wine and spirits
• Craft beer
• Honey
• Organic food
• Nutritional health food
• Geographical indication products
• Brand franchise

Concurrent Activities

Along with exhibition, the concurrent events include Trade-Import Food Policy and Laws & Regulations Exchange, Import and Export Food Declaration and Inspection Policy Forum,China-France Beef Trade Communion, China-Australia Livestock Trade and Law & Regulation Meeting, China-Spain Beef and Mutton Technology Trade Exchange, China Import Food Tasting Meeting, Central Kitchen Innovation Forum, Microwave Heating and Catering Packaging Materials Summit, Cold Chain Logistics and Catering Supply Chain Development Forum, Excellent Chef Culinary Creative Champion-ship, Catering New Retail Business Conference and Travel Catering buyers meeting , Imported Food Buyers Fair etc.

Booth Booking

To reserve the booth of GOLDENFOOD 2021 immediately, which can possess the best position , increase maximum exposure rate , lead competitors and open up business opportunities.If you need booth reservation or learn more information, please e-mail info@goldenexpo.com.cn or use by the following contact method.