Chain China

Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition 2023
Time: June 05- 07, 2023
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hongqiao • Shanghai
About CHAIN CHINA 2023
As a professional activity in the field of China’s light catering chain industry,Shanghai International Light CateringChain Exhibition (Chain China) is an important platform to promote the industry development and information exchange. Nowadays, it has accumulated more than 2,500 light catering chain brands and related industry resources so far, spanning suppliers and service providers, commercial real estate and supporting resources in light catering chain industry around the world. Furthermore, the exhibition will provide the best service for light catering brand enterprises all over the world with multiple forms of activity, such as on-site brand store display,product and service experience, business model and investment trend interpretation, project briefing and road show, summit, open class for brand joined and so on, which can enable franchisees to quickly understand the industry trends, and gain insight into the successful brand model so that they can match their investment plans and find the ideal project. Besides, the exhibition attracts representatives from relevant government departments and industry associations, leader enterprises, news media, industry investment, chain franchise, commercial real estate and leading service providers to attend the show every year. Based on Shanghai’s unique geographical advantages and its best investment hotspot, it is committed to creating an top influential investment and entrepreneurial event for the light catering chain industry in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as building a social platform for investors in the industry with quality business resource.
Selection Activity
Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition(CHAIN CHINA)is a yearly event of light catering chain and venture investment industry in Asia, carrying the mission of promoting the fast and safe development of chain industry. In order to better cooperate with enterprises to expand publicity and establish brand image, and attract more franchisees to the show as well, the selection activity of “China Light Catering Chain Franchise Investment Brand Enterprises 2023” will be held during the
exhibition, aiming at enhancing brand awareness, corporate competitiveness and influence. This activity is a large-scale publicity event for exhibitors, improving the visibility of the company in the industry by voting on WeChat. Besides, the participants can ask voters for support, and top 10 enterprises with the accumulative total votes will be selected as” 2023 China Catering Chain Franchise and Investment Brand Enterprises top 10”, trophy and certification will be issued by organizer on the spot.
Major Exhibits
• Chinese food chain: fast food, dinner, hot pot, breakfast, noodle restaurant, specialty restaurant, internet + restaurant, future restaurant, etc.
• Western food chain: fast food, dinner, casual meal, steak, buffet, cuisine, salad, international cuisine, etc.
• Coffee drinks: coffee, tea, milk tea, freshly squeezed juice, creative drinks, afternoon tea, etc.
• Baked Desserts: Baking, Desserts, Ice Cream, Chocolate, Bread, Cakes, DIY Creative Desserts, etc.
• Delicious snacks: barbecue, braised food, cooked food, fried chicken, small balls, snacks, national snacks, etc.
• Snack food: snacks, dry goods, fruits, imported food, etc.
• Non-legacy food: specialties from all over the country, etc.
• Related catering service providers, suppliers, information and other upstream and downstream enterprises, etc.

Booth Booking

To reserve the booth of CHAIN CHINA 2023 immediately, admission is free for pre-registrants , as well as possess the VIP channel to avoid waiting in line and receive a Show Guide. If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact or call the below telephone number.