Golden Intl Exhibition Group

As the leading exhibition and conference organizer in the world, Golden International Exhibition Group is headquartered in Europe to provide different business platforms and opportunities for various industries around the world. The business scope covers exhibition and conferences, network promotion, import trade, customs declaration and inspection, logistics distribution, bonded warehousing, agency investment, sales promotion and so on. There are more than 300 employees in China, and at the same time, it serves many professional fields such as catering, food, wine, machinery, electronics, technology, energy, transportation and aviation in China.
The Group possesses long-term and close government cooperation, broad and stable client network, timely and accurate data collection, experienced and mature project planning and professional and experienced team in China. Based on its own resource advantages, the Group provides high-quality customized services and effective solutions to the global trading partners in the Chinese market, which is committed to push forward the sustainable development of China’s trade.