Shanghai International Condiments & Food Ingredients Exhibition 2023
Time: June 05-07, 2023
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hongqiao•Shanghai
About  SCFE 2023
As we know, it is of great importance of eating and whether the food is delicious or not depends on taste. Condiments are indispensable for consumers in their daily lives. It is not only used in the home kitchen and catering industry, but also in other food industries because of its rich flavoring function. With the improvement of consumers’ living standards, the demand and pursuit of cuisine are getting higher and higher, and the way of eating and the variety of foods have also been iterated and refurbished, which has greatly increased the growth of China’s condiment industry and the release of capacity. Moreover, according to relevant data, the sales revenue of Chinese condiments and fermented products in 2019 reached 309.74 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9% year-on-year. In 2020, the
national catering market revenue topped 4.2 trillion yuan, and the sales revenue of the top 100 enterprises in China’s condiment industry reached 93.88 billion yuan, an increase of 10.8% over the previous year. It shows that condiment has a strong growth momentum in the catering market. In order to better provide a platform for domestic and overseas condiment enterprises in the catering field to showcase new products, promote brands and communicate and exchange information, Golden Commercial and related industry institutions will hold the “Shanghai International Condiments & Food Ingredients Exhibition 2023”on June 05-07, 2023 at Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center during the GOLDENFOOD EXPO. Besides , the exhibition helps exhibitors build the connection with buyers of the whole industry chain by means of the relevant series of thematic exhibitions for GOLDENFOOD EXPO , such as China International Aviation, Cruise and Railway Food & Beverage Exhibition(CTCE), China Catering Expo(CIE), Shanghai International Hotpot Industry Trade Fair(SHCE), Shanghai International Light Catering Chain Exhibition(CHAIN CHINA), and share the professional buyers resources with major events, such as International Air Travel Meal Championship, China Import Food Tasting Meeting, China Hotpot Industry Development Conference, Chinese Fast Food Creative
Major Exhibits
• Condiments: edible salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, sodium gluamate, sesame oil, sauce, fermented soya beans, fermented bean curd, fish sauce, oyster sauce, shrimp sauce, olive oil, seasoning wine, spices and spices condiment, compound seasoning, hotpot seasoning, etc.
• Imported condiments: Japanese food, Thai food, western can, potato products, western meat, cheese, butter, cream, breakfast, western sauce, olive oil, western pickles, peanut butter, tomato sauce, salad dressing, mayonnaise, etc.
• Food additives and food ingredients: manufacturers, importers, agents, distributors and new marketing channel merchant of various food additives and food ingredients industries
• Mechanical equipment and packaging technology: Special machinery for the manufacture of condiments, general packaging mechanical equipment, auxiliary equipment and accessories enterprises, testing and inspection equipment, etc.
• Packaging containers and packaging materials: various types of packaging containers, new packaging materials, packaging materials, consumables, labels, packaging design, etc.
• Others: professional newspapers, periodicals, website marketing plans, corporate consulting and investment institutions related to condiments.
Target Audiences
International Related Organizations and Associations, Foreign Institutions in China, International Trade and Commerce Institutions in China, Sourcing Offices in China of International Buyers, etc.
Hotpot and catering chain enterprises, importers, producers, dealers and related suppliers of hotpot and catering food material area, etc.
Investors, alliance businesses, financing institution, Commercial real estate developers, proprietors, property management companies, hotel operators, training institution, hotel design enterprises, etc.
E-commerce industry: website designer of hotpot and catering area, investor of these websites.