Healthy Food

Shanghai International Nutrit ion Healthcare Food and Special Medical Food Exhibition 2020
Time: May 7-9, 2020
Venue:National Exhibition and Convention Center – Hongqiao•Shanghai
With the development of national economy and improvement of living standard, the publics pay more attention to health preservation and maintenance, also the demands of special dietary food keeps growing (including infant, health and special medical purpose food, etc.).According to the relevant data, the market share of China special dietary food in 2020 will reach RMB450 billion with an average annual growth of 20%. It is expected that in the next few years the market share will exceed 1 trillion, China will become the largest consumption market of special dietary food in the world, which will bring new opportunities for China special dietary food industry. The main areas of the China special dietary consumption mainly concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other economically developed provinces and cities. The “Oriental pearl” – Shanghai, which is Chinese the largest economic, cultural, financial center, is also the international famous food center. It plays an extremely important role in Chinese economic development. The successful holding of 2010 World Expo and the establishment of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone have promoted Shanghai to stand on a higher level in economy, culture and technology. Shanghai recently not only is the main area of China special dietary food production, but also one of the main areas of special dietary food consumption, which is matched with its economic status and local people’s consumption concept. Consumers gradually realized the importance of using the functional ingredients in food to prevent and cure diseases and keep health, so as to gain more favor by public. At the same time, Shanghai, which is also the most concentrated city of China special dietary food production, has played an essential role in promotion of Chinese special dietary food and spreading to increase cognition and faith of consumer on special dietary food.
New Opportunity
In order to better meet the market demands of special dietary food and provide a publicity, display and cooperation platform for special dietary food enterprises at home and abroad, related Government departments and Golden Intl Exhibition Group will hold “ Shanghai International Nutrition Healthcare Food and Special Medical Food Exhibition 2020(SNHE 2020)”at May 7-9, 2020 in National Exhibition and Convention Center- Hongqiao·Shanghai. The total exhibition area is nearly 25,000 square meters and exhibits cover infant food, natural and nutritional health food, special medical purpose food ,novel food ingredients, traditional Chinese medicine, beauty products, health care supplies and third party services. Based in Shanghai, with the support of the massive demands of China market, We endeavors to build the top influential event of special dietary food industries in Asia-Pacific regions. The exhibition committee hopes that this fair could be helpful for both domestic and overseas special dietary food enterprises to have a full understanding of current customer consumptions behavior and future development trends. By then, tens of thousands of representatives and professional buyers in the area of special dietary food industry all over the world will gather together in Shanghai to participate in the fair.
Major Exhibits
• Infant Food: Milk powder, Complementary, Snack foods, Fruit juice drinks, Saccharides products, Natural and Nutritional Food, etc;
• Natural and Nutritional Food: Functional Food, Nutraceuticals, Dietary Supplements, Organic Food, Sports Nutrition, Invigorant, Vitamin, Protein Powder Series, Lecithin, Fish Liver Oil, Grape Seed Capsule, Spirulina, etc; Special medical purpose formula food with particular total and non-total nutrient
• Special Medical Purpose Food: Diabetes, Respiratory System Disease, Nephropathy, Tumor, Liver disease, Gluten allergies, Enteropathy, etc.
• Novel Food Ingredients:Novel Food, Drinks, Extract, Food Materials, Inspection Technology and Equipment etc;
• Traditional Chinese Medicine: Ganoderma, Cordyceps, Ginseng Antler, Cubilose, Candicum Granules, Donkey-hide Gelatin, Herbal Jelly,Wolfberry, Other Traditional Oral Solutions, Health Tea, Health Wine, etc;
• Beauty Products:Cosmetology Oral Solution, Cosmeceuticals, Functional Beauty Products, Anti-aging Products, and Other Beauty Products for Diet, Skin-care and etc;
• Health Care Supplies:Personal Care Supplies, Massage Apparatus, Pedicure & Medicated Bath, Health Inspection Equipments, Physical Therapeutic Instruments, and etc;
• Third Party Services: OEM, ODM, Cooperative R & D, Counseling, Registration, and etc.
Target Audiences
• Related International Organizations and Associations, Foreign Institutions in China, International Trade and Commerce Institutions in China,Sourcing Offices in China of International Buyers, etc;
• Distributor, Agent, Dealer, Import and Export Trader, Manufacturer, Specialty Store, Consumer, Supplier, Nutritionist and Professional,Researcher, Associations and Organizations, Technical Consultant, Pharmacy Store, Supermarket and etc in the Nutrition Health Food Industry;
• E-commerce Industry: Website Designers and Buyers, Related Media etc.

Booth Booking

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