Why food firms register geographical indication protection

Source : Golden Commercial Time : 2019 年 8 月 22 日

Recently, Food Navigator Asia reported the actions taken in Singapore for geographical indication protection. Singaporean food and beverage companies are being encouraged to register products with particular geographic-related characteristics with the recently-launched Singapore Geographical Indications (GI) Registry to protect their interests and boost consumer trust.

Actually, in China, The State Administration for Industry and Commerce has been continuously increasing the protection of geographical indications and agricultural product trademarks, and promoting the use of geographical indications and agricultural product trademarks for many years ,which has gained remarkable achievements in the following fields, such as carrying out precise poverty alleviation, promote farmers’ income increase, increasing agricultural efficiency, and helping green development in poverty-stricken areas.

According to statistics, more than half of the geographical indications have become the pillar industries of the regional economy. The comprehensive contribution rate and influence degree of geographical indication trademarks to local employment, residents’ income increase and economic development exceed 30%.

The geographical advantages and historical culture of geographical indications will surely play an important role in the construction of the “Belt and Road” and promote trade, cultural exchanges and economic development of all countries in the world.

In order to provide a professional platform to promote the geographical indication products from home and abroad, showing the achievements of characteristic agricultural development and promoting local cultural tourism resources, GOLDENFOOD EXPO 2020 will set a special displaying zone for geographical indication products, the concurrent activity, Forum on Protection and Development of Geographical Indication Products, will also be one of the highlights.